Farm-fresh fish from Singapore's coastal waters

Welcome to The Sampan Catch  - for the freshest fish direct from our sea farm off Pulau Ubin to your home. 

Simply order the fish online, and pick a date for the delivery. Your farm-fresh fish - cleaned and ready for use - arrives within hours of harvest from the sea. 

There's no loss of freshness, taste or texture due to extended storage and handling by wholesalers and retailers.  (More about our farm-fresh advantage...)

Every order we receive is a chance for us to present fish as it's meant to be enjoyed, fresh from the sea. Taste the difference. 

Whether used within days or stored frozen for weeks, The Sampan Catch  produce can satisfy the most discerning fish lover at home.

Read what the media say about us.  Check out these reviews from our customers (excerpts below).

"Excellent!  Kids loved it."

"Very fresh.  No fishy smell at all."

"...tender with subtle sweetness not found in store-bought fish"  

"Just like 5-star restaurant."

"...highly recommend it to all fish lovers" 

"...worth every cent compared to fish from the market..." 

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The Sampan Catch  farm-fresh produce

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