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The New Paper, 22 December 2016, page 19

Our resident farmer tipped off The New Paper on what fresh fish looks like. (Of course, we can't always be sure that fish that looks fresh is fresh, as it depends on how it's been harvested, and handled and stored from harvest to kitchen. But this is how freshly harvested fish looks on our farm.) 
1. Fish should feel firm to touch.
2. The muscus covering the fish should be glossy and transparent.
3. The eyes should be clear and bulging.
4. The gills should be bright red.

Here's the online article and the e-paper version (go to page 19).

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The New Paper, 15 December 2016, page 26

Our farm was one of two farms featured in The New Paper special on local farms and local produce. The special was sponsored by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). 

Here's a quote (from our resident farmer) that was included in the article -

"All of our fish are sold directly from the farm to the customer.  

"Besides catering to restaurants, we have an online shop ( for home consumers. We want our fish to get to the customer fresh, without loss of quality. 

"We are very particular about this."  

Read the full article - "Fresh fish, grown here".

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I-S Magazine, 5 December 2014 issue, page 31

I-S Magazine and writer Letitia Tandean gave The Sampan Catch a plug in their feature on web-only specialty shops.

We liked how they described our farm produce –

“Everything’s plucked fresh from their fenced sea paddocks.”

They highlighted our Mangrove Jack ($15.80) with this tip –

“Forget about deboning and filleting, slap this on the grill whole with citrus and fresh herbs.”

Here's the full article.

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The Sunday Times, 9 November 2014, page 26

Thanks to Sunday Times and Food Correspondent Rebecca Lynne Tan for including The Sampan Catch in the Sunday Life feature on “Fresh Produce at Your Doorstep”.

They were certainly clued in about our farm-fresh advantage -

“For fresh fish harvested just hours before it arrives at your doorstep, go to online shop The Sampan Catch”

They quoted us on why we started our home delivery service in February 2014 -

“When restaurant chefs we supply to gave consistently good feedback about our fish, we felt encouraged and thought that perhaps the more discerning home consumers might appreciate it too.” and The Straits Times SoShiok, 10-11 November 2014 and has reproduced the 9 November 2014 Sunday Times article.

Here's the write-up on The Sampan Catch.

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