"The Sampan Catch" Advantage

As farmers, we strive to grow healthy, good quality fishes.

We also know that how the fish is harvested and handled after harvest can affect its freshness, taste, texture and shelf-life.

All fish from our farm are carefully harvested in small lots, and delivered within hours of harvest directly to home customers and restaurants.

Good farming practices and proper handling of the fish from sea to kitchen - these make up The Sampan Catch's farm-fresh quality difference.

Our Farm

We believe in responsible aquaculture management and practices.

We do not use any antibiotics, chemicals, or anti-foulants. We rely on the sourcing of good quality fingerlings and feed, and careful husbandry, to keep our fish healthy.  

Our farm is also at a favourable location with fast-flowing waters essential to producing healthy, clean-tasting fish.

From Farm to Kitchen

The quality of the fish we eat depends on more than how it is bred and grown.

Fish that is sold, whether farmed or wild-caught, goes through various processes on the way to the kitchen. 

Its freshness, taste and texture rest on how it has been handled, transported and stored from harvest to sale. Farmers, fishing vessels, fish processors, transporters, warehouses, wholesalers and retailers all have a hand in it. 

In general, good quality fish has these characteristics:
- fresh smell of the sea or seaweed (not 'fishy'...!)
- sweet taste with no 'off' flavour
- firm texture that is not mushy or mealy.

More to Fresh Than 'Live'

The perception is that nothing beats 'live' fish that is killed and eaten soon after.  True, but experts know that how the fish is caught and killed also matters.

Struggling in the net, fighting on the line, and suffocating in air can lead to poorer quality meat.

Fish meat has a delicate muscle structure.  This breaks down easily when the fish is stressed or traumatised before or during slaughter. (Essentially, lactic acid is produced, which leads ultimately to degradation in the fish texture.)

Our Farm-Fresh Quality Difference

Ensuring that our fish preserves its quality from farm to kitchen is both a science and an art. 

Pre-harvest preparations, harvesting method, post-harvest processes and delivery/packing temperatures and conditions - these all have a part to play.

We do not believe in "mass production".  We harvest only what our customers order each day. We give personalised attention to our promise of quality for every order.

The test of quality is whether the customer can taste the difference.  It is also whether the fish preserves its quality well in the chiller, or even when stored in the freezer for weeks.

Through research and adaptation, we take care and pride in our practices to meet our customers' high expectations.


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