Chef Nixon Low (former head chef of Portico) 

[SPECIAL FEATURE] Pan Seared Sea Bass, Roasted New Potatoes, Beurre Blanc Sauce

Chef Nixon Low has kindly shared the recipe for this beautiful dish with customers ofThe Sampan Catch. A dish to impress, made with Extra-Large Barramundi / Sea Bass fillets, fresh from our farm.

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Ms Low, Ang Mo Kio

Honey and fish seem an unusual combination. Ms Low from Ang Mo Kio recommended this interesting recipe from Say My Kitchen. She adapted the recipe for her Honey Grilled Snapper. Everyone at home loved the dish!

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Jesslyn F., Bukit Batok

Rub turmeric, ginger powder, a little home-made chilli paste, mixed herbs and salt on the fish. Add lemon grass stalks to cavity together with fresh dill. Roast at 200°C for about 20 minutes or until fish is cooked. Serve with vegetable chutney.

Ms Ong, Holland Road

An "easy-peasy" recipe contributed by Ms Ong, Holland Road, who cooked this dish using fillets from the Pearl Grouper Extra-Large. Sprinkle some flour on fillet and pan-fry fillet. Transfer to oven dish with tomatoes, olive oil, wine, capers, olives, garlic and herbs to taste. Add salt and pepper. Pop into oven.

Mdm Ng, Serangoon Gardens

Fried Grouper with Vegetables

Regular customer uses this recipe to cook these fishes Chinese restaurant-style - Pearl Grouper Super-Size or Pearl Grouper Extra-Large:

Wash the fish steak and mix with a little salt, egg white and cornstarch.

Cut the carrot into thin slices and cut each mushroom into two or three pieces.

Fry the fish pieces until lightly golden; scoop out and drain. Pour off the excess oil leaving about 2 tablespoons in the wok.

Stir-fry the ginger root, onions, greens, mushrooms and carrot. Add salt, blend well. Now add the fish pieces with soy sauce, rice wine or sherry and sugar.

Stir gently for 3 minutes, then thicken the gravy with cornstarch mixed with a little water.

Finally add sesame seed oil and serve while still hot.

Mdm Ng, Serangoon Gardens

I would like to share my simple recipe for cooking the Grouper. Do not wash the fish as it has already been cleaned, scaled and gutted before delivery.

Washing will remove the natural taste of the fish. Rub a bit of salt on both sides of the fish and steam it for 15 minutes.

After the fish has been steamed, place some spring onion and sliced ginger stripes on top of the fish and pour a small amount of hot cooking oil onto it.

Add a dash of soy sauce and its ready to serve. Do not throw away the simple fish gravy, as it is equally nutritious and delicious!

Sheryl L., Serangoon

Steamed Grouper - with mushroom and Chinese parsley

1 tablespoon XO, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce. Add some water and sprinkle strips of mushroom.

Steam for 20 minutes then add chopped parsley. And ginger strips as well.  Serve.