The freshest fish direct from our sea farm off Pulau Ubin to your home. 

The Sampan Catch offers home consumers farm-fresh fish delivered within hours of harvest from the sea to their doorstep.

Your farm-fresh fish - cleaned and ready for use - arrives within hours of harvest from the sea

As farmers, we strive to grow good quality fish, and would like our customers to enjoy our fish at its best.

There's no loss of freshness, taste or texture due to extended storage and handling by wholesalers and retailers. (More about our farm-fresh advantage...)

Taste the difference.

We believe in responsible aquaculture management and practices. 

Every order we receive is a chance for us to present fish as it's meant to be enjoyed, fresh from the sea.

We do not use antibiotics, chemicals, or anti-foulants. We rely on the sourcing of quality fingerlings and feed, coupled with careful husbandry, to keep our fish healthy.

Our farm location has the advantage of fast-moving waters essential to maintaining fish health and growing clean-tasting fish.

Whether used within days or stored frozen for weeks, The Sampan Catch's produce can satisfy the most discerning fish lover at home.