Sea Bass vs Sea Bass - The Sampan Catch Quality Difference

The quality of sea bass (barramundi) sold in the market or supermarket varies widely.

Some consumers say they avoid buying sea bass as they do not like its ‘muddy’ taste. 

Yet good quality, fresh sea bass is a sweet-tasting fish prized by chefs and consumers for its delicate, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

The nub of the issue is the source of sea bass.

Whether the sea bass has been farmed in the open sea, or in ponds, makes a significant difference to its taste.

In general, fish farmed in the open sea would not have a ‘muddy’ taste.  However, some fish may have been farmed in ponds for most of their life then transferred to the sea only shortly before harvest.  The length of time grown in the sea also matters.

Over 90% of fish consumed in Singapore is imported.  Sea bass from multiple sources goes through the fishery ports to wholesalers and retailers, and then the end-consumer. 

Tracing the source of the sea bass, and whether it is sea-grown or not, is no easy task.

That aside, the freshness of the harvest - how long the fish has journeyed or been stored, how the fish was slaughtered and handled, etc - makes a big difference too.  ( More... )

All these factors account for the highly variable quality of sea bass that you find at the supermarket or wet market.

But when you buy sea bass from The Sampan Catch, you get consistently good quality sea-grown fish.  Its freshness is also assured by our promise of same-day harvest and delivery direct to your home.

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