Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1.  How do I order the fish?  
The steps are:
1.  order online on this website and pick a preferred delivery date/time
2.  pay via internet/mobile banking, PayNow, QR code ... (see Q7)
3.  look out for the email confirmation of the delivery of your order.

You can key in any queries or requests before check-out. We will reply to these and try to meet your requests. 

Q2.  What is the minimum order size and delivery fee?

The minimum order value is $50.  We provide free delivery for orders above $120 (to one location per order). Otherwise, the delivery fee per location is $7 for orders of $81-$120, and $10 for orders of $50-$80.

The delivery fee is applied to the total order value after discounts (if any).
We deliver to Sentosa and the west (e.g. Jurong area and Tuas) only for orders above $180.
If you are combining orders with friends, see Q6.

Q3.  What are your harvest and delivery days?  And delivery times?
Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, excluding public holidays.  We harvest your order in the morning and deliver it from noon onwards. Delivery timeslots: Afternoon (12pm-5pm) and Evening (5pm-8pm).  

Please pick a preferred delivery date and timeslot before check-out. We will try to meet your request, or offer a suitable alternative. We cannot however confirm a specific time of delivery within each timeslot.

Q4.  Do I need to create an account to order?
Creating an account will save you time at check-out for future orders. Alternatively, select "Continue as Guest" when prompted during check-out. 

Q5.  How fresh is the fish? How long can I store it for?
Your farm-fresh fish is always delivered within a few hours of harvest. The fish is cleaned (scaled and gutted), packed individually and kept properly chilled during delivery from our farm to your home. You can keep it in the chiller if intended for use within 2-3 days. Many of our customers also freeze their fish immediately upon delivery - the quality remains good even after a few weeks when kept well frozen.

Q6.  How can you help for group purchases?
If you are combining orders with friends, do let us know. We can sort the fish into different packs, according to your friends' orders.  Please type in your requests during check-out. 

Q7.  How can I make payment?
Once you place an order, we will provide payment instructions and our bank account details.  We accept online/mobile fund transfers via online banking and PayNow Corporate. You can also scan & pay using our Paynow QR Code (provided below and also during check-out).

We will confirm the delivery via email once your payment has been cleared.

Q8.  Can I pay upon delivery instead?
We prefer online/mobile payment before delivery. If you're a first-time customer having difficulty with the payment methods, we will try to help.

Q9.  Tell me more about the prices/weights of the fish?
Our prices are on a per fish basis, in Singapore dollars. The weight range stated (e.g. "700g-800g") is the approximate weight for the whole fish at harvest.  Note that scaled and gutted fish generally weighs 15-23% less than the at-harvest weight.

On rare occasions, individual fishes may fall slightly below the stated range due to harvesting constraints. These same constraints may also lead to customers getting bigger fishes (above stated range) sometimes!

Q10.  Who is behind The Sampan Catch?
The Sampan Catch is an online fish shop by Tiberias Harvest Pte Ltd.  We are a family-owned farm. We give personalised attention to every farm process and every customer's needs.  Every order is important to us, as it's a chance to present fish as it's meant to be enjoyed, fresh from the sea.