"Pan Seared Sea Bass, Roasted New Potatoes and Beurre Blanc Sauce" by Chef Nixon Low

The Sampan Catch is honoured to feature this recipe courtesy of Chef Nixon Low.  Follow his step-by-step instructions and cook up this beautiful dish using the Extra-Large Sea Bass (Barramundi) from our farm.
Chef Nixon Low was the Head Chef of Portico restaurant when he shared this recipe with us.  He named a Top Local Chef in Singapore 2014 by SG Magazine Online.  He was part of the national team that clinched defending world champion at the Luxembourg Expogast in December 2014.  He served as Team Captain in the 2013 Dubai World Hospitality Championship. The Singapore team beat 11 countries to bring home the championship.

Pan Seared Pulau Ubin Seabass Fillet

Seabass fillet with skin            150g
Olive oil                                             20g
Salt and pepper to taste

On a Medium Hot pan, heat up olive oil and sear seabass skin side on for about 5 mins until skin is crispy.  Flip over and cook until fully cooked. Season to taste.

Roasted New Potatoes

Boiled New Potatoes                   50g
Red Onion Sliced                           15g
Garlic Chopped                                5g
Chopped Mixed Herbs*               5g
Butter                                                10g
Olive Oil                                              5g
Salt and Pepper to taste

Using hands, break potatoes into halves. In the same pan, add olive oil to pan and add chopped garlic and roast until slightly brown. Add potatoes and roast further for more color. Add butter and onions and cook for 1 min. Season with salt pepper and add herbs

Buerre Blanc Sauce

Vinegar Reduction
Shallot slice                                        20g
Peeled garlic                                         7g
White Wine                                      100g
Dill stalk                                           2 stalk
White Wine Vinegar                       50g

Add everything and bring to boil, reduce by half. Strain.

Cream                                                150g
Fish Stock                                         150g
Butter                                                   50g
Lemon Juice                                      1 no
Chopped Mixed Herbs*

Add Vinegar Reduction, cream and fish stock and reduce by half. Add butter, lemon juice, herbs and season to taste.

Granny Smith Apple
Edible Flowers
Edible herbs

*Coriander, Dill, Parsley