They steamed it, baked it, cooked it immediately or froze it for weeks. They enjoyed the freshness, taste and texture - even their young children could tell it's different.

That's aside from the convenience of home-delivered super-fresh fish that's ready-to-cook. Read what customers say about their orders from The Sampan Catch.  

Also check out their recipes and cooking tips.

No need for star ratings... our customers share their love for our fish with words, pictures and recipes!

Mrs Pat Ng, Newton

"Pound for pound, the fish iswell worth every cent compared to fish from the market or supermart.  Apart from the great taste, we can eat every bit of the very fresh fish.  Even the head and belly are not wasted - see how my family and I demolished the fish for dinner!"

Dorothy Chew, East Coast

"V v fresh n big groupa!! ... Everybody's so happy." 

Mdm Ng, Serangoon Gardens. 

"This is what we cooked for one big size giantgroupertonight. Taste SO good! Need to have such a big size to have a taste of meat.  Bone and head was used to cook seafood soup.Soup and fish are both restaurant standard.  Meat is really succulent and fish soup is very rich and flavorful.We feel so blessed to have such good food for dinner."

NOTE: She cooked her Pearl Grouper Extra-Large (1.6-1.9kg) after having kept it frozen for a month. She kindly sent us her recipe for Fried Grouper with Vegetables.

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Caren, Siglap

"The best Seabass that I've ever bought...Just like 5-star restaurant."

Ms Ong, Holland Road 

"Mum in law steamed this in black bean sauce...sooo fresh & yumm!!"

Wendy C., Bukit Timah

"We had steamed sea bass and my family loved it!  For the first time, my 11-year-old daughter ate sea bass belly (tender sweet and not at all bitter)and was fighting with me for the fish head!  The flesh was so fresh that we stripped every inch of it.  Will definitely order more from sampancatch."

Stacy, Sengkang

"Having kept the sea bass freshly frozen after a week, I steamed the fish in teochew style.  The flesh tasted soft and fine as though freshly harvested. No fishy smell.My family enjoyed it so much! I strongly recommend my friends who are fish lovers to order from"

Mdm Ng, Serangoon Gardens.

Having spent 10 years in Hong Kong and really enjoying the freshest fish there,  I find it a huge challenge to prepare Hong Kong style steam fish when I returned to Singapore, as it is not easy to find fresh sea catch fish here.  I came across and decided to try it out.  I ordered four fish (3 groupers and a sea-bass) from the website and they were delivered in an ice box, individually packed.  

I decided to steam the grouper ordered from sampancatch. Only fresh fish tastes good when steamed and it is certainly a good way to tell if the fish from Sampancatch is as fresh as claims.

I am pleased that the grouper tastes really good even with minimal seasoning of only a dash of soy sauce. It has a firm and smooth texture, just like what we eat in the seafood restaurants in Hong Kong.  It is the perfect dish which is delicious, easy to prepare and very healthy for the whole family.  Although I cooked my last fish almost 2 weeks later,  I am surprised that it tastes just as good as the first one!  I am so happy I found and will highly recommend it to all fish lovers out there."

NOTE: Check out her recipe for Steamed Grouper.

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Ivy, East Coast

"I just had the steamed sea bass.  It's soooooo yammmy!!!The flesh is so thick and fresh."

Desmond, East Coast

"...we hv the grouper for dinner.  D quality is yummy + fresh ...  Oishi ney!  (Very Fresh)  ichiban!  Uno!  (Number 1)...ho jiak!

Mrs Retnam, Sennett Estate

"I was delighted with the way the fish was cleaned and packed, all ready for cooking.  Ourextra large barramundi's flesh wastender with a subtle sweetness not found in store-bought fish. Cooked in a simple sauce, it made for a sublime dish that drew favorable comments from the table of 8."


"They(daughters aged 6 and 4) finished most of the fish, especially the sea bass. They said it is very fresh. They arevery particular about freshness. That's why I have to go marketing for fish early morning and they only eat some when bought from the market."

Jeanne Yap, East Coast

"My son says: when chefs say fresh fish must smell like the sea, I wondered what they were talking about - now I know!" 

"Fresh and inviting"

Genevieve, East Coast

"The grouper was reallyfresh, flesh firm, flavorful. Enjoyed it thoroughly, thanks for recommendation."

Ms A. Goh

"I brought the grouper to my sis-in-law's place yesterday to steam and it still tastes good and fresh!  They love it!"

Samantha H., Upper Bukit Timah

"It saves me going all the way to fish farm in Jurong for my fresh steam fish. Yummy."

Brenda L., Bukit Timah

"The fishes were so delicious and fresh."

Jeanne Yap, East Coast

“I steamed the grouper. It is most delicious!  Fresh, smooth flesh.  Good fish. Will definitely order again!”

Janice Chiang, East Coast 

“Baked seabass Thai style. Very delicious. Fish v fresh. Intend to order again.” 

Ms A. Goh

“My BEST result for steam-fish dishbut it was definitely due to the freshness of theBarramundi(Sea-bass) that was delivered from ..... Yum! “

Ms J.Ho, Jalan Pemimpin,

“D12 (i.e. day 12) sea bass– steamed. Excellent!  Kids loved it.  No fishy smell, still very tender, like recent buy from market though not as silky as D1 (day 1). Of course there may be slight difference in terms of length of cooking.”

Sheryl L., Serangoon

“Just had the grouper. Loved it!  Finished every bit.  No more [supermarket name] sea bass n grouper for me.  I’m your regular.” 

Check out her recipe for Steamed Grouper with Mushroom and Chinese Parsley.

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Mdm Yeo, Braddell View

“We just had steamedsea bass...Everyone loved it. Very fresh. No fishy smell at all.  I have never bought a fish that is so well gutted before...the cavity was super clean!”  

Ms Loy

“Raving reviews from my friends. One actually steamed the 2nd fish coz first one was not enough. Another friend who isn’t a fish lover actually ate some coz it was fresh not fishy.”

Kevin T., Choa Chu Kang

"Order received yesterday, cooked today. It’s exceedingly fresh and well clean raw fish compared with wet market in town. No other places can buy such great taste sea bass without earthy taste after cooked. Sea bass cooked in braised perch, fresh and delicious. Definitely will buy again from Sampancatch. Thank you Sampancatch for such good quality fishes." 

Ms Lee, Hillview

"As usual for fresh fish, for the small sea bass whole, I simply do steaming then pour stir fried ginger with soy sauce mirin scallion and cilantro topping per attached picture. Your fish isindeed fresh and well cleaned!!" 

Ms Leung, Balmoral

"Very nice - fish wasvery fresh, and well cleaned. Steamed it in traditional HK style. Can taste the sweetness of the flesh. Hard to describe in words...order one and try it! Yummy!"

Ms Low, Ang Mo Kio.

"I received my order on Wednesday. Made a Steamed Sea Bass on Thursday and a Honey Grilled Snapper on Friday. The fish wasvery well gutted and cleaned,very fresh.Totally unlike those from the wet market.  There wasno fishy taste at all!  Everyone at home loved both dishes."

Note: Find out more about cooking the Grilled Honey Snapper.

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KJ, Marine Parade

"Simple and flavourful- Baked sea bass fillets with garlic butter and basil. Salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste."

Bianca K., Orchard Road

"You asked for some feedback. I would like to support your fantastic company. That's why I send you a picture of the filleted red snapper I prepared yesterday. It's red snapper fillet with a salsa of cherry tomatoes, red onions, green basil, lime juice and coconut cream.  The fish was extremely fresh and tasted wonderful."

Priscilla N., Upper Thomson

"Had the steamed sea bass tonight. It was absolutely beautiful! My son said it is the best steamed fish he has ever eaten! We are definitely presenting this for the reunion dinner!" 

Christine S., Punggol

"I've bought super size garoupa for my parent. We love it!  Thanks for making the effort to deliver to us. My parents love the lower part of the time to snap a photo cos everyone was waiting for it!"

Mrs Lynette P., Bukit Timah

"Finally got to eat the snapper steamed. V fleshy and fresh taste. Other day we fried the grouper - fried with lemon grass and yellow ginger stuffed into fish. We alsom had the garoupa steamed. Flesh was v firm with a nice n diff texture from market ones. Taste of flesh was also pleasant n diff from market fish. My son loved it." 

Malcolm, Holland Road

 "The fish wasextremely fresh, and thedelivery service was easy to arrange.  We look forward to ordering from you again."

Eden C., Farrer Road

" impressed when fish arrived in very clean and well packed condition. We can't wait and cooked the sea bass tonight.  So fresh and delicious. Usually sea bass from market got 'muddy taste' but not this one, and its texture was so good.  We just steamed it with ginger and spring onion, basic hong kong style...Thank you for your good service too."

Maria C., Holland Road

"We had the pearl grouper steamed Hong Kong style last night.  The flesh isso fresh and sweet.  My helper also commented that the fish is so well scaled and gutted.  We will definitely order regularly from you from now on."

Priscilla N., Upper Thomson

"Steamed half a mangrove jack last night. The meat was v tender n sweet!" 

Ms Ong, Holland Road

"Another yummy grouper feed - baked this with tomatoes, olive oil, wine, capers, olives, garlic & herbs...Yummy cos fish soooo fresh & juicy!"

Note: Her Baked Fish with Tomatoes and Olive Oil used fillets from the Pearl Grouper Extra-Large.

View Recipe

Jesslyn Forday, Bukit Batok.

"We enjoyed the steamed seabass...flesh very tender, very fresh. Will try the snapper tmr...Last night, 1st tried baked whole fish.. It was yummy."

Note: Check out her recipe for Baked Whole Snapper.

View Recipe

Priscilla Wong, Choa Chu Kang

"The fish in Sampancatch is undoubtedly one of the freshest I have ever tasted. The flesh is so thick and juicy!! Even though I kept the fish for more than a week, there was not a tinge of fishy smell.  I had invited a friend over for dinner and she too detected the excellent quality and asked me immediately where I got my supply of fish from! If you wish to cook a meal that impresses, you must get your fish from Sampancatch!"