Live Mussels 101: Storing Secrets for Lasting Freshness

Live Mussels 101: Storing Secrets for Lasting Freshness

A Fresh Take on Live Mussels: Your Guide to Ultimate Freshness

Nestled off the tranquil shores of Pulau Ubin, "The Sampan Catch" stands as a beacon of sustainability and freshness in Singapore's bustling seafood scene. As a solar-powered, floating marine fish farm, we're committed to bringing you the freshest catch, from snapper to grouper and, of course, our prized live mussels, direct from the ocean's embrace to your doorstep.

Best Practices for Mussel Storage
Ensuring the freshness of live mussels at home is an art that's easy to master with the right know-how. Here's how to keep your mussels in peak condition:

Chill, Don't Freeze: Mussels thrive in cool conditions. Store them in the lower sections of your fridge, ideally between 1°C and 4°C, but steer clear of freezing, which can be detrimental to their vitality.

Let Them Breathe: Just like us, mussels need air. Opt for a mesh bag or an uncovered container with a wet cloth on top for storage. This mimics their natural habitat, keeping them lively and fresh.

Drainage Matters: Ensure any excess water can drain away. Mussels sitting in water can suffocate and spoil faster. A colander inside a bowl works wonders, allowing water to drain while keeping the mussels moist.

The Lifespan of Freshness
With these storage tips, live mussels can maintain their freshness in your refrigerator for up to two days. This window ensures you enjoy the most flavourful and safe seafood experience when it's time to dine.

Spotting the Fresh from the Foul
Before you cook, inspect your mussels. Fresh mussels will boast tightly closed shells or close when tapped. Any with cracked shells or those that stay open should be discarded to ensure the quality and safety of your meal.

From Our Farm to Your Table
At "The Sampan Catch," our farm-to-table ethos shines brightest with our live mussels. Hand-harvested and delivered within hours, they're a testament to our dedication to quality and sustainability. Elevate your next meal with the freshest mussels in Singapore, available right here.

Live Mussels
Embark on a Journey of Freshness
Delve into our story and explore how we're revolutionising the seafood experience in Singapore.
From our sea farm off Pulau Ubin to your home, "The Sampan Catch" is more than just seafood; it's a commitment to freshness, quality, and sustainability with every bite.

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