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  [ Festive Value Pack #2 ]    A  pair of Pearl Groupers (slightly upsized), a Sea Bass, and an Extra-large Sea Bass filleted and ready to slice for use in your steamboat dinner.  Enjoy these quality fishes for your reunion dinner and other festive meals during the New Year.  Or send this farm-fresh catch to friends as a festive gift.

Festive Catch #2
- 2 x Pearl Grouper Upsized 800g - 1kg (worth $27.60 each)
- 1 x Extra-large Sea Bass / Barramundi 2.2 - 2.5kg (worth $37.30)
- 1 x Sea Bass / Barramundi 700 - 800g (worth $11.80)
Total value - $104.30.  Your catch - $103.80 plus FREE delivery* for your order. Save up to $7.50!

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Price shown is per pack of 4 fishes listed above.  (Weight range stated is for the whole fish at harvest. More... )  
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