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  [ Festive Value Pack #1 ]    A  pair of Pearl Groupers (slightly upsized) and a pair of large Golden Snappers.  Enjoy these quality fishes for your reunion dinner and other festive meals during the New Year.  Or send this farm-fresh catch to friends as a festive gift.

Festive Catch #1 
- 2 x Pearl Grouper Upsized 800g - 1kg (worth $27.60 each)
- 2 x Golden Snapper Large 1.1kg - 1.3kg  (worth $25.30 each)
Total value - $105.80.  Your catch - $103.80 plus FREE delivery* for your order. Save up to $9.00!

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Price shown is per pack of 4 fishes listed above.  (Weight range stated is for the whole fish at harvest. More... )  
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